Bathroom Towel Dispensers

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Recessed bathroom towel dispensers combine space conservation with sophistication. Any high end building looks truly high end when built with restrooms that feature recessed fixtures that are attractive and efficient in design.

If recessed units cannot be installed for any reason, or if a remodeling project prohibits cutting into the wall, surface mounted paper towel dispensers are that will fulfill bid stipulations and look aesthetic with a variety of restroom interiors.

High-grade steel and a variety of styles and shapes allow the contractor to pick and choose between models that will match restrooms in schools, libraries, old buildings being restored, bars, and restaurants that are undergoing renovation.


In a public school, vandalism and waste can be minimized with pull down lever controlled bathroom towel dispensers.

When students are tempted to rip out all the paper towels and throw them on the floor, their efforts will be impeded by a lever that allows them to take only one sheet at a time. Meanwhile, the hall monitor is going to hear the repeated abuse of the lever if an attempt at such vandalism is made. Both by limiting dispersal, and by alerting authorities, waste and vandalism can be minimized, if not prevented altogether.

Automatic hand towel dispensers are recommended for hospitals, clinics, grocery stores, and food distributors. The reason is obvious. Whenever people with pathogens on their hands touch a dispenser, the dispenser surface becomes contaminated. With touch-free infrared control, an automatic bathroom towel dispenser prevents this from happening. The sensor activates the unit by proximity detection. This keeps food packaging plants as sanitary as possible. It also keeps grocery stores cleaner by minimizing the risk of a person taking germs on their hands with them into the aisles.

It goes without saying that such sterility is a given for any hospital, clinic, or laboratory. Patient health is of the utmost concern in every room in the facility, including restrooms.

Restaurants should spend the money on these models to give themselves the best chance at a favorable health department rating. Kitchens and restrooms with paper towel waste will be penalized. Sick patrons talk and word gets around if too many people become ill at a restaurant. Prevention in this area gives a sure return on investment.

Bathroom towel dispensers that disperse folded towels are used extensively by churches. Churches often buy direct from us. The smaller ones need an honest estimate for something affordable. The larger ones want the best accommodation for congregations. Churches of all sizes can be accommodated by folded towel dispensing units that house single fold, C-fold, and multi-fold sheets. This is not as sanitary as automatic control, but the person only has to touch the paper, not the unit. Prices range from the very affordable to mid-range for more decorative options.

Roller operated bathroom towel dispensers are ideal for places where people are in a hurry. They are also ideal for places where people get very wet and need to dry off their arms as well as their hands. Gas station and truck bathrooms see people going in and coming out in a hurry before they pull up to the pumps. Roll towels give them a fast way to dry their hands before getting back to the car. If someone is working under the hood and needs to wash their arms as well as their hands, roll towels give them more paper to dry off with. It goes without saying that a roll towel unit would be ideal for a car wash for the same reasons.

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