Growing Herbs For Health And Profit

Growing Herbs For Health And Profit by Jason MckinstryIf you want gardening and want to start your own home business, then growing herbs might be a fantastic way to make some extra income. All you need to know is how to grow your herbs and how to sell your herbs – and you are on the way to earning money from doing something that you love.Growing herbs in a garden bed will provide you with more space, so that you can not only grow more herbs, but many different types. However, remember that not all herbs grow well together. Also, some herbs will dominate the garden bed, stopping other herbs from thriving. Like, mint is generally best grown alone and it tends to run wild. In addition you need to consider the best growing conditions of every herb.Some herbs prefer more sun (for example, basil, chives, parsley and coriander), where others are okay in shade (mint, comfrey and lemon balm). Generally, though, most herbs prefer sun to shade. So if you only have the one garden bed, choose the good sunny position to see your herbs thrive. You don’t need to have your entire herbs in the one garden bed, though. You will have more separate garden beds, ensuring that you have the best growing conditions and best companions for each herb.You may also grow your herbs in raised containers. While pots is the most frequent one, take a look around the rubbish in your yard (or at the tip) and you might find some items that can be recycled into useful gardening containers for your herbs. Old baths, tires or polystyrene containers work well. One other benefit to growing herbs in pots is that they can be studied indoors through the colder months.Growing a few herbs in containers on the window ledge will work well even in winter, provided they get enough light and heat. So this means you do not need to stop your gardening the moment the cold months come. Just take your herb home business indoors. When growing herbs inside, do not pick herbs that grow too tall or too wide. Lavender, mint, parsley and thyme are good herbs to grow in indoor containers.Now that you have worked out how to grow your herbs, you will need to choose how to sell them. Farmers’ and cottage markets are an excellent place to grow herbs. You can put up a stall for a small fee. And as they are usually held outdoors, you will have enough room to make all of the herbs you want to sell. Furthermore, people often arrive at most of these markets looking for fresh vegetables or herbs. Buying locally is very trendy at the moment. And there are many people who would much prefer to buy herbs from a local grower when compared to a big chain supermarket. You don’t need to make herbs that look at good as those on supermarket shelves in order for people to prefer your product. Other places that you can try include food coops, school fetes and friends.Don’t limit yourself to just selling fresh herbs either. Many individuals like to buy dried herbs. You may also contact herbalists and health food stores who may decide to use dried herbs within their beauty treatments or natural health products.You may also like to consider trying to make your own products using fresh or dried herbs. Research recipes for herbal massage oils and skin care lotions. This will add value and prestige to your house business – as well as improve your earning opportunities. Another benefit to these type of products is that you are no longer limited by places like school fetes or farmers’ markets. Products like these could be sold online and posted out all over the country. If you make enough goodwill, you might find that many of your customers return again and again. If you do decide to sell online, it would be worth your time in taking a look at getting some professional labels printed off. Nice, pretty bottles also make a good impression.Growing herbs is a fulfilling and satisfying past-time. So why don’t use your gardening skills to earn your cash through doing everything you love. While selling herbs as a home business may seem daunting at first, all it requires is a little bit of thought, creativity and imagination. And then you are well on the way to earning a home business income.Click Here for more info.Article Source: