How To Turn Your Steel Building Into A Mini Storage Building Business

By Jon Smith123

There are many benefits to having a mini storage building business, one important one is the amazing returns of mini storage buildings. Mini storage buildings are great for renting facilities and are popular businesses.

You must keep in mind though, that finding a location where customers will come may not be easy to find. It’s crucial to research locations that will attract people. There are several websites which you can go to, to do all your research regarding mini storage business. Also, make sure to think about other factors before you start your mini storage steel business. The types of factors you should consider before doing this are: the type of area/ location, the type of traffic in the area (whether it is a high traffic area or not), the competition of mini storage and income levels as well as costs and investments.

Once you have picked your location, decide on the type of hours for your business and the construction. You will need to select the proper size for that area. Also keep in mind the paperwork for that particular land as liens against the property can delay construction. Make sure to have all necessary permits and approvals. Your mini storage must conform to fire codes and be assessable with fire alarms. Also, getting a good computerized accounting system is a good idea, you don’t want to make any mistakes as this can really hurt your business in the end. In addition purchase some software such as list sorcerer newsletter software to help with sending future clients marketing and promotions matercials. Doing research before you open up your mini storage business is a very good idea.


Having a step by step plan on how you will open your business will help to avoid mistakes in the long run including why steel buildings are a great choice. You will find a ton of resources to help you come up with a plan on how you will go about doing this. There is also a publication called Inside Self Storage Factbook that is published annually. In it you will find all sorts of information on issues affecting the self storage.

Next, finance all your contracts with the work crew. Decide about how you will accept payments such as cash or credit. Once all this is done, you are ready for business. Make sure you provide enough parking for all your customers and or employees.

Finally you need to decide upon various forms of advertising available and at your disposal. There are many options to consider and each carrying a different return on the amount of dollars you spend. One form of advertising which should be looked into is a TV commercial run on your local station. You would be surprised by with a little legwork and research you can probably put together a TV campaign for far less then you think. Many TV stations and advertising agencies will even supply you with a commercial free of charge providing that you purchase airtime from them. Commercial airtime can be purchased on decent stations for as little as $18.00 per 30 second commercial spot in addition its even cheaper to obtain remnant time. Radio broadcast and flyers are also a great way to prepare and get the ball rolling.

Now it’s time to open your business and enjoy your mini storage!

About the Author: Jon Smithinson writes articles about steel buildings, new contruction and greener technologies


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