Troubleshoot The Radio Reception On A Lexus Oem Radio

By Jack Wylde

Radio is one of the important components that is required to entertain the people who travel. Long drives could be incomplete without the radio. There are a many brands of radios available in the market and Lexus is one such brand. Radios have a number of units in it and any damage to any part would lead to an overall trouble in the radio. The trouble also depends on the environmental factors. Since the radio uses signals that are propagated as frequency modulated waves, many other things like the buildings and landscape could widely affect the clarity and signal reception. The other things that can cause difference in the AM type of propagation are the power lines as well as tunnels. Sometimes for the XM radio the luggage on the roof can also cause disturbance. Since there are so many reasons for the poor reception and clarity of the radio, it is important for the driver to first troubleshoot by themselves before going to a profession. This article can be helpful on how to troubleshoot a Lexus radio. This will also save money for the owner of the car.

The following instructions therefore help a rookie to troubleshoot the radio. This can be done with few precautionary steps.

When the radio is of FM type, and there is a trouble in the clarity, the reason may be the distance from the transmitter of the radio station. If the transmitter is far, the audio could be distorted and drifted. But if this occurs intermittently, it can be due to the trees or buildings.

Some stations could have a stronger signal than the other and hence could give a distorted audio. The multi-path or signal split might also occur when the signal that is reflected hits the antenna apart from the direct signal. On such cases, the FM can be re-scanned and tried again.


If an AM radio is being played with intermittent strong and weak signal, this could be refection’s symptom. It occurs more often during night travel, because of the reflection in upper atmosphere.

The reflection may cause interference sometimes between the stations that are close in their frequencies. The static could be caused by the power cables and motors also. In this case, again the frequencies can be scanned and tried.

When the XM radio is used, things that are made of metal like bikes, skis, etc. may cause issues in the clarity of the audio. When such items are being carried when the disturbance occurs, each item can be removed and the reception of the radio can be checked to find out which one causes the most interference. After identification it can be replaced elsewhere or removed.

Therefore, by doing such preliminary tests, the minor problems that occur in the radio can be detected without going to a professional. These steps on how to troubleshoot a Lexus radio can be done without much expense by simple knowledge of the various disturbance for each type of radio signals.

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