Liposuction Surgery Financing

By Rena Graham

Most of the time, budget is one of the biggest concern when it comes to actually going through liposuction. Face it, cosmetic surgeries come with a rather steep price and this is something you have to deal with, especially when you clamour for a better change in appearance.

The increase in demand for getting rid of stubborn fats and the kind of economic climate we have nowadays, have resulted to budgeting and financing strategies. It can either be personal budgeting schemes, package deals, or a payment plan offered by some clinics.

A Typical Liposuction Package Breakdown

But first let me show you a breakdown of what you are really paying for with those thousand bucks.

In liposuction, or any surgery for that matter, one of the initial concerns is the surgeon s professional fee. There is no definite amount because this would vary for every surgeon.

Next are the materials that will be used. A Vaser liposuction, which uses ultrasound technology to break up the fat cells, would relatively be more costly compared to the commonly used suction-assisted liposuction technique. Although each have advantages of their own, the supplies that are used would be the one defining factor to the cost of materials.


A percentage of your payment also goes to a clinic s facilities this includes the maintenance and an assurance that you are in a clean and safe environment.

The body part to undergo liposuction and the extent of fats to be removed also affect the price of the procedure. For example, facial liposuction would cost differently when compared to the one done abdominally.

The compression bandages and other supplies that will be used after surgery is also part of your payment package.

Financial Preparations

Typically we wouldn t have dozens of cash lying around waiting to be splurged on anything that is why you need to make a good financial plan for your liposuction procedure. Make sure that at the end of it, you only end up losing fats and not your entire savings.

Saving up is one good way to start. Bonuses, lump sums or any extra money that you make, set it aside — so you can gradually come up with a good amount.

Although some might shy at the idea of having people know of their surgical plan, but requesting for cash for holidays or birthday is also a good way to save up some amount.

Getting a loan is also another way, since insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures unless it is related to health concerns. You can get a loan at credit unions and banks where terms are more favourable to the lender compared to those given by credit card companies. You can even put a considerable amount as down payment in order to decrease the overall cost of the loan.

Going to a consultation can also help you size up the budget that you need together with your surgeon. Both of you will discuss the extent of the surgery, and arrange at a fixed amount for an entire package. Some clinics also offer excellent patient financing help. They have payment options which can be suited to your budget with fast and efficient approvals.

Your liposuction financing is definitely one factor that you have to consider before you make a final decision. You need to make a viable plan before engaging into it to avoid getting broke in the end. Remember ensuring that you maintain your new physique also require some budget.

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The Causes And Effects Of Breast Surgery And Rhinoplasty

The Causes And Effects Of Breast Surgery And Rhinoplasty


sarita kreative

Whenever the topic of breast surgery comes up, the first thing that strikes the minds of readers is either cancerous lumps or augmentations. These are two of the most happening processes, as far as the female bosom is concerned, in the present times. It is a sad fact that thousands of women visit specialists with concerns like painful lumps that may lead to disastrous situations in the future. Breast surgeries are performed under these circumstances to relieve the patient from pain and future risks. Sometimes, in more severe situations, the entire breast may have to be removed as well. The good news though, is that such surgeries do save the lives of many.

Besides removal of lumps, surgery is also performed very commonly for the sake of augmentation of size. Although most Indian women are very well endowed, there may be times when people face conditions like dissimilarity of size and shape etc, and which may be corrected with minor surgeries.

Breast surgery in India

especially towards this end, is rising in popularity. This is one reason why many cost adjustments have been made to make this option available to more and more people who want to go for it.


Another cause for breast surgery can be reduction in size. Some women face immense difficulties in carrying on with their day to day activities with very large and heavy breasts. Since the weight of the breasts pull the women down and they make an effort in standing straight, bending and getting up, they end up pulling a lot of weight with every move, that affects their spinal health. Sooner or later, these women start to experience back pain, neck pain, pain in the knees and so on. reduction surgeries can come to good rescue in these cases.

Besides breast surgery, Rhinoplasty is also gaining steady popularity. Rhinoplasty refers to the surgery performed to reshape or reconstruct the nose. We are all aware of this procedure mainly because of the number of movie stars who have gone under the knife to fix their faces. Rhinoplasty is mainly performed to reduce the size of the nose, reshape the whole area or, manage the tip of it. The results of Rhinoplasty though, is not immediate. It may take a few weeks for the wound to heal and the new shape to appear. However, the true result can be after a couple of months, if not more.

Besides for the sake of purely cosmetic purposes, Rhinoplasty is performed to fix a number of medical cases like cleft lip nasal deformity, saddle nose deformity, bent nasal deformity etc. Cost for

Rhinoplasty in India

is usually affordable. It could vary depending upon the severity of the case, whether prolonged hospitalization is required or can be done without, what medication will have to be provided post operation (if necessary) so on and so forth. However, people expecting a surgery as such should be prepared to dish out close to Rs.30000 if not more. Cost of Rhinoplasty or breast surgery may or may not be covered by insurance, depending upon its cosmetic or non cosmetic nature.

Sarita kreative is an expert in the field of

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Skilled Physician Dr. Paul C Drago Gives His Best In Treating Ear And Nose Problems}

Submitted by: Dr. Paul C Drago

Patients look for effective doctors who can fluently treat the issues without much of tension. Doctors also have proved their expertise in treating dangerous problems and the article discusses the works of one such otolaryngologist.

Dr. Paul C Drago is a renowned name in the field of otolaryngology especially because of his successful contribution. Doctors put all their effort in giving quality life to the patients and Dr. Paul C Drago is an immediate example when it comes to serving the community well. Due to hectic schedule and less time in hand, patients want a quick and permanent solution to their problems and the doctor trees his level best to provide them with quality treatment. He has completed his M.D.from Ohio state university college of Medicine in 1990. he is a specialist for nose, throat, ear and neck surgery both for adults and children. People can visit his profile online on various social media platforms and get to know his studies and experience.


With about 30 years of experience he is currently serving as Medical Director and otolaryngology consultant for the branch of correction in South Carolina. He has gained love and respect from his patients by providing best treatments that are irrespective of the squirming circumstances. Serving as a pre medical counsellor he started making way for his success with Presidents scholarship award. after that, he went on to complete his postdoctoral internship in general surgery at Yale new haven hospital with a fellowship in facial plastics and reconstructive surgery at LSU- shreveport.

While providing high quality care to the patients he is known for his friendliness and courteousness. For allergies and sinus, he ensures high quality of care is provided with latest technologies and treatment methods. This significantly cheaper methods are less intrusive and more effective. Patients appreciate the warm and comforting personality of the doctor with the patience that he possess. His responsibilities at Hampton medical centreVernville, South Carolina includes providing routing medical services, long term skin care and medical treatment. With quality achievements in the field of cosmetic surgery Dr. Paul C Drago has always believed in giving back to the community. He has volunteered in many foundation with tremendous effort to provide them with quality living. He is a licensed plastic expert who is capable of performing a wide mix of operations and helpful systems. He also has given many presentation across his area of interest and is known for the expertise in plastic surgery. his achievements also enlists designing electromagnetic hearing aid devices with investigation and development of Phthalocyanines.

Dr. Paul C Drago is a man of splendid heart and has always looked out for his patients. From his first surgical training in Yale he has continued to be an expert otolaryngologist at Queen Elizabeth hospital at Birmingham and university of Hospitals at Cleveland. A well experienced physician, he diagnoses and manages diseases and serves the best with enhanced technologies and quality treatment to promote better living as is well trained in both surgical and medical aspects.

About the Author: Patients look for reliable doctors who can effectively treat the problems without much of hassle.

Doctors also have proved their expertise in treating serious problems and the article discusses the works of one such otolaryngologist.


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Find Out The Right Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center For You}

Find out the Right Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center for you


Scott LeggatBeauty or to be more precise, the quest for beauty never ends and every human being yearns for it, be it a kid of 6 or a 60 something. It’s the proclivity to look good, then better and finally the best which induces people to go for cosmetic plastic surgery

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So, that’s why

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Contouring Your Face With Rhinoplasty

Contouring Your Face With Rhinoplasty


Dave Stringham

Rhinoplasty can reduce or increase the size of your nose, change the shape of the tip or the bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip. It may also correct a birth defect or injury or help relieve some breathing problems.

During your initial consultation, Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your general health. Your surgeon will explain which surgical techniques are the most appropriate based on the structure of your nose and face. He will explain the factors that can influence your surgery and the results. These factors include the structure of your nasal bones and cartilage, the shape of your face, the thickness of your skin, your age, and your expectations. You will have the opportunity to view pre and post-op photographs of other patients, be photographed and discuss with pre and post-op care. Your plastic surgeon’s assistant will give you the total fee, which includes the fees of your surgeon, hospital, and anesthesia. You will also be given written pre and post-op care and informed consent to review before signing.

Rhinoplasty usually takes 2-4 hours in the operating room, but the more correction required would increase your surgical time. During your surgery the skin of your nose is separated from its supporting framework of bone and cartilage, which is then sculpted to the desired shape. Your plastic surgeon will use either an open or closed technique depending on the extent of surgery required. Either surgical procedures leaves very minimal or no scarring on the outside, because work is done from the inside of the nose. When your surgery is completed, a splint will be applied to help your nose maintain its new shape. Nasal packs or soft plastic splints also may be placed in your nostrils to stabilize the septum, the dividing wall between the air passages.


After surgery, particularly during the first twenty-four hours – your face will feel puffy, your nose may ache, and you may have a dull headache. You can control any discomfort with the pain medication prescribed by your surgeon. Plan on staying in bed with your head elevated (except for going to the bathroom) for the first day.

You’ll notice that the swelling and bruising around your eyes will increase at first, reaching a peak after 2 to 3 days. Applying cold compresses will reduce this swelling and make you feel a bit better. Most of swelling and bruising should disappear within two weeks or so.

You will return to Your plastic surgeon’s office within the first week after surgery. Your first visit will remove any packing you may have, remove the splint from your nose and re-tape the top of the nose and your sutures may be removed at this time. At the end of two weeks, all your dressings will have been removed and you will notice a change in the shape or size of your new nose. You will have follow-up visits on a regular basis over the next year. Your plastic surgeon will decide on the frequency of your follow-up care depending on your needs.

Your first meeting with your plastic surgeon will help determine the possibility of surgery. The best candidates for rhinoplasty are when you are looking for improvement, not perfection, in the way you look. If you’re physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate.

Are there scars? Yes. Whenever surgery is performed on your body a scar will result. Rhinoplasty scars are very small and generally not visible. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the placement of incisions during your first visit.

Does it hurt? You will have plenty of pain medications for discomfort after surgery. Please tell your surgeon of all your drug allergies. Some pain medication may cause nausea this should not be considered an allergy. All pain medication will cause drowsiness and therefore you should not drive yourself and or operate equipment. An antibiotic is used for only a few days after your surgery. Sometimes following surgery to help decrease swelling your surgeon may prescribe Medrol-dose pack.

You should avoid or be off all diet or over the counter weight medications. The only homeopathic medications are those recommended by Your plastic surgeon. It is especially important to be off St. John’s Wort and Ginseng, which can cause adverse effects during anesthesia. Please stop taking all aspirin-like products, Advil, and ibuprofen as these medications can cause bleeding problems.

Dave Stringham, the President of writes about

plastic surgery in Dallas

, Texas and plastic surgery procedures such as

dallas rhinoplasty

, rhytidectomy, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and liposuction.

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5 Steps To Making Your New Year’s Resolution To Lose Weight Stick

By Becky Gillaspy

New Year’s Resolutions are set by the millions every year yet they have a notorious reputation for being broken. Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of turning your resolution into a reality?

1. Decide what you REALLY Want. Scientists have learned that the brain is a goal seeking organ, so the clearer you can be in defining your New Year’s Resolution and keeping your mind focused on that outcome, the higher your chances of achieving it. Think about it this way, you can’t hit a target if you aren’t sure where it is. Take the time before you start dieting or exercising to figure out what exactly you want your outcome to be.

2. Write it Down. Writing down your resolution is one of the keys to achieving it. In fact studies show that people who merely think about their goals are much less likely to achieve them than people who write them down.

A study of Harvard alumni 10 years after graduation illustrates this fact. 83% of the graduates set no goals at all, 14% had goals but did not write them down, and the remaining 3% made specific goals and wrote them down. Who faired the best? The group who had goals but did not write them down earned an average of 3 times the income of the group without them and the 3% who wrote down their goals earned an average of 10 times what the no goal group did. This works out to the difference of millions of dollars.


3. Make Your Resolution Measurable. Now that you have decided what you want transfer that ‘want’ into what you will achieve by stating it in a way that anyone could measure. I want to lose 30 pounds is not nearly as powerful as I will weight 135 pounds when I wake up on Saturday, June 14th. The second is clear and distinct and can be proven by anyone who happens to be with you on the 14th of June.

4. Be Precise. You want your resolution to be a clear bull’s eye, not a hazy approximation. Be as precise as possible with every aspect of your goal – include not only your weight but also how you will feel, what you are doing, what you are wearing or any other detail that stirs your emotions in a positive way.

Sample: Incorrect goal: ‘I want to lose weight’ Correct goal: ‘I will weigh 135 pounds on the morning of

Saturday, June 14th and feel fabulous slipping into my favorite

size 8 jeans.’

5. Eliminate Any Negatives that Surround Your Resolution. In order for your resolution to have staying power it is important to eliminate any negative thoughts or feelings that arise when you think about your goal.

It is not unusual to set a very positive resolution yet still hear that subtle voice in the back of your head whisper, ‘That is going to be too hard.’ or ‘You’ll never be able to do that.’ These thoughts need to be addressed or they will sabotage your chances of success. Your awareness of these distracting thoughts may be all you need to allow them to lose their power. To discover if any limiting thoughts are associated with your resolution write it down on a sheet of paper then below it list any negative thoughts or feelings that come to mind. You can then choose to stop entertaining those thoughts or shift your resolution slightly until they fade.

Once you have created an effective weight loss resolution and written it down you must set it in you mind. So the next step toward reaching your goal is to program it into your mind using the power of repetition. Your resolution is new information for your brain so it will need to be fed the information many times before it believes that this is truly what you want. Read it a minimum of 3 times a day and for the best result read it out loud allowing yourself to meditate for a moment on the positive feeling and emotion you experience when thinking about already having achieved your goal. Your brain will then actively work to bridge the gap between what you have now and what you envision your life to be.

Take these steps and you will set yourself on a straight path toward reaching your New Year’s Resolution.

About the Author: Dr. Becky Gillaspy is the founder of Weight Loss without Worry a website dedicated to connecting you with the resources you need to effectively lose weight. For a free copy of her popular diet, The KISS Principle of Dieting visit her website at


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Important Things To Consider While Reading Weight Loss Surgery Reviews

Important Things To Consider While Reading Weight Loss Surgery Reviews


Adriana Noton

This piece is going to be discussing what people need to consider as they are reading weight loss surgery reviews. Nobody should ever rush into such a procedure, and the goal of this article will be to discuss some of the most important things that need to be considered regarding these procedures.

The most important question that any patient can ask their self is whether or not they have tried all other options before considering this procedure. This type of procedure is still considered as very invasive surgical work and does carry all of the risks that any such procedure would carry. Patients have to be honest and question whether or not they have given diet and exercise a fair shot yet.

A while after somebody has had their procedure done they will begin to shed the pounds and might even start to enjoy some of the healthy benefits. One healthy benefit that somebody might enjoy is having blood pressure that is not nearly as high as it once was. Another healthy benefit that many patients might eventually experience is no longer being at such a high risk for conditions such as type 2 diabetes.


Another really great thing that losing pounds can do is to improve a person\’s overall physical appearance and many people enjoy this particular benefit. A lot of people that were formerly obese lost their sense of confidence, so getting it back is a very special thing for them. A lot of people that manage to shed the pounds realize that they soon develop a very active and healthy social life.

There are some really nice advantages enjoyed by people that have these procedures done, yet there are some important things to keep in mind about ones lifestyle after the procedure. These procedures cause people to fill up quicker however they are not some kind of free pass for eating unhealthy foods all of the time. Patients need to always work together with a medical professional and develop a diet plan that is healthy.

After a person has had their procedure and healed from it they should also talk with a medical professional so that they can develop a regimen of regular exercise. Many of these patients discover that they actually enjoy becoming more athletic as they begin to drop the pounds. Becoming a bit more athletic is another one of those side effects that helps to improve the patient\’s overall sense of confidence.

It is very important that any patient considering this type of surgical work take the time to get more than just one professional opinion. People considering these procedures might want to take the time to get a handful of professional opinions. These procedures are not light as they are very serious surgical procedures. Some patients spend a little time gathering opinions and making their final decision.

This article has only managed to cover the basics of what a person might want to be considering as they are reading weight loss surgery reviews. There are many other things to consider and the web is such a great place to learn about anything as long as a person is turning to reliable medical sites.

Weight loss surgery is a life altering procedure. Read

Slimband reviews

, from patients that have experienced the procedure first hand, to learn what to expect.

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