U.S. Army’s surgeon general asked to resign

Monday, March 12, 2007

The United States Army’s Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley resigned Monday due to the recent Walter Reed Army Medical Center neglect scandal. Lt. Gen. Kiley is the third official to be stripped of command due to the scandal.

Although he officially resigned, Pentagon officials made it clear that he had been dismissed over the scandal that has outraged veterans’ groups and appalled America.

Lt. Gen. Kiley was heavily criticized for his actions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where the hospital was kept in very poor condition and its patients neglected.

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UK lawyer comments on court case against Boeing over London jet crash

Friday, November 20, 2009

On Thursday, ten of those on board British Airways Flight 38 launched a case against Boeing over the accident before a court in Illinois. They are suing over an alleged flawed design that allowed an ice buildup to bring the 777 jet down at London’s Heathrow Airport. Scottish advocate Peter Macdonald spoke to Wikinews, commenting on the case and explaining the surrounding legislation. He has experience of litigating aviation accidents.

Although investigations are ongoing, the United Kingdom’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has issued interim reports indicating ice buildup on an engine component. As the jet passed over Siberia on its journey from Beijing, China it encountered significantly reduced temperatures. The AAIB has determined that the fuel was at a temperature below 0°C for an unusually long duration. This is believed to have caused water in the fuel — which met all relevant international standards — to have frozen into crystals.

A build-up of ice developed on a component called the fuel/oil heat exchanger. This restricted the flow of fuel to the engine, resulting in an “uncommanded engine rollback” — a loss of power — on approach for landing. Investigators initially struggled to produce enough ice under test conditions but later discovered that at high concentration, fuel can form ice at very low temperatures in enough quantity to seriously restrict fuel flow. This does not occur when fuel demand is lower, as the hot oil then becomes sufficient to entirely melt the ice. It was only when extra fuel was pumped in from the tanks for the landing that the crystals became a problem. The fuel/oil heat exchanger is a dual purpose part designed to simultaneously melt fuel ice and cool down engine oil by passing oil pipes through the fuel flow.

If I am correct that it is a product liability suit, then the fact that this is the first such accident matters not

The crew of the aircraft were praised for their handling of the emergency, avoiding the airport’s perimeter fence and nearby houses to crash land short of the runway. None of the 136 passengers and 16 crew were killed but some of those suffered serious injuries, including broken bones and facial injuries. Some were left unable to fly and there were cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The crash was triggered by highly unusual circumstances; the first AAIB report noted that cold fuel behaving in this manner was an “apparently hitherto unknown phenomenon.” As part of the investigation, data of 141,000 flights of 777s equipped with the engine model involved — the Rolls-Royce Trent 800 — was reviewed without finding any relevant circumstance similar to the accident flight, although there was later a similar incident in the United States in which the aircraft continued safely after repowering one engine; the second did not lose power.

Given the circumstances surrounding the case, Wikinews asked Peter Macdonald if the plaintiffs intended to prove that Boeing knew or should have known the Rolls-Royce powerplant was dangerously defective by design. “I rather suspect that there may be product liability legislation in place in whichever US jurisdiction is being used,” Macdonald explained. “Such statutes normally do not require proof of fault, nor do they require proof of knowledge. All that you have to show is that there was a defect in the product which caused the losses concerned… If I am correct that it is a product liability suit, then the fact that this is the first such accident matters not.”

[Rolls-Royce] would be liable for a defect in terms of the Consumer Protection Act 1987

Macdonald went on to discuss the international legislation and how it interacts to the plaintiffs and the three companies involved — Boeing, British Airways and Rolls-Royce. Only Boeing is currently named in an action over the case. “There are several reasons why the plaintiffs will wish to sue Boeing in the States,” he said. “Were the plaintiffs to seek redress in a court in the United Kingdom, it is unlikely that the relevant part of Boeing would be subject to jurisdiction here.” He also pointed out that “US damages are generally higher than English damages.”

“As to whether Boeing should settle, that all depends upon the basis of the action. If it is a fault [negligence] based action, they will be able to defend it. If fault is not needed, that is why they would want the action dismissed, forcing litigation in the UK.” In the UK, a product liability suit “would ordinarily be directed against the importers, i.e. British Airways… It would be a simple matter to sue BA here [the UK] for the physical injuries and their financial consequences,” said Macdonald. “That leaves RR [Rolls-Royce]. I assume that the engine was made in the UK. They would be liable for a defect in terms of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, Part I.” This piece of UK-wide legislation states that “where any damage is caused wholly or partly by a defect in a product [the manufacturer] shall be liable for the damage.” Damage includes injuries.

US courts decide international jurisdictional issues under the Jones Act, passed as a result of Bhopal litigation, “which makes it much more difficult for a foreigner to sue in the US if the accident did not happen there… My restricted understanding of that is that it is likely that it would be difficult to remove an action from a US court where the aircraft was made in the US.” He further pointed out that the court would require there to be an alternative court with jurisdiction over the issue. “It may well be that the relevant part of the Boeing group is not subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts… I have seen cases where it was made a condition of the grant of an order under the Jones Act that the defendants would submit to the jurisdiction of a court in Scotland and that they would not take a plea of time bar in the even that an action was raised within three months of the court order.”

He then addressed the international law with regards to what could be claimed for against air carriers such as BA. In a previous case against the same airline, Abnett v British Airways, the House of Lords ruled in 1997 “that the only remedy for an injured passenger on an international flight is to sue under the Warsaw Convention, Article 17, incorporated into our law by the Carriage by Air Act, 1961.” The Warsaw Convention governs liability for international commercial airlines. At the time, the House of Lords was the highest court of appeal in the UK, although it was recently replaced by the Supreme Court. The Abnett case referred to British Airways Flight 149, in which Iraq captured the aircraft and occupants when it landed in Kuwait hours after Iraq invaded in 1990. Peter Macdonald represented Abnett in this case.

The Convention “provides a remedy for “bodily injury”. Interestingly, the term only appeared in the final draft of the Warsaw Convention. There is no mention of the term in the minutes of the many sessions which lead up to the final draft. It was produced overnight and signed later that day.” This term creates difficulties in claiming for mental problems such as the fear of flying or PTSD, although Macdonald points out that “there is a large amount of medical literature which details physical and chemical changes in the brains of people who are suffering from PTSD.”

In King v Bristow Helicopters, heard before the House of Lords in 2002 “held that PTSD was not a “bodily injury”, but expressly left the door open for someone to try to prove that what is known as PTSD is the manifestation of physical changes in the brain which have been brought about by the trauma. Such a litigation is pending in Scotland.” Macdonald is acting in this case.

Actions against Boeing are not bound in this way, as the Warsaw Convention only applies to airlines, making the States an attractive place to sue due to the issues with demonstrating jurisdiction against the relevant part of the Boeing group in the UK. Another reason why the plaintiffs would prefer to sue in America is that in the UK “there would be liability [for BA], and that would be subject to a damages cap. An action in the US [against any defendant] would probably have the same cap, but is likely to award damages more generously in the event that the cap is not reached.”

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Supporters of Myanmar’s Suu Kyi mark detained leader’s 62nd birthday

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Aung San Suu Kyi, the detained leader of the National League for Democracy in Myanmar marked her 62nd birthday today, still under house arrest, where she has spent most of the past 17 years.

About 250 supporters met at the National League for Democracy (NLD) headquarters in Yangon, not far from Suu Kyi’s home, and held a rally calling for her release. Doves and balloons were released into the air, under the watchful eyes and video cameras of around 50 plainclothes police officers, who were stationed across the street.

The police force was augmented by a dozen truckloads of members of the Union Solidarity and Development Association, the political arm of the State Peace and Development, the junta that rules Myanmar.

“The doves symbolise peace. We also released colourful balloons, which rise like her prestige when they fill the sky,” NLD women’s wing leader Lai Lai was quoted as saying by Agence France Presse.

With the party marking marking Suu Kyi’s birthday as “Myanmar Women’s Day,” Lei Lei read out a statement at the ceremony, calling Suu Kyi “irreplaceable” and praising her “honesty, bravery and perseverance.”

Security was beefed up around Suu Kyi’s lakeside home on University Avenue, which is usually open to traffic during daytime, but is closed on significant anniversaries such as Suu Kyi’s birthday or the May 30 anniversary of her detention.

NLD supporters said police were also watching their homes.

“Plainclothes police circled around my house on their motorcycles last night until dawn,” Su Su Nway, 34, was quoted as saying by Agence France-Presse. She was arrested on May 15 with 60 others during a prayer rally for Suu Kyi in Yangon, and was released for health reasons on June 7. She said around 52 NLD supporters were still in custody.

Suu Kyi is generally barred from receiving visitors, so she spent the day alone. Except for her maid, a personal physician, a dentist and an eye specialist, the only other person to visit with Suu Kyi in the past year was United Nations Undersecretary-General for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari, whom she met for one hour last November at a government guest house.

Winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize, Suu Kyi has been under house arrest for 11 of the past 17 years, continuously since 2003. Her National League for Democracy won a landslide election in 1990, but the military, which has ruled Myanmar since 1962, refused to honor the results. The country is also known as Burma, but the military government renamed it Myanmar in 1989.

Calls for Suu Kyi’s release have been issued by the NLD, various world bodies and other countries, but the pleadings have been met by no response from the generals.

“In our view, until their constitution is ratified, she will not be released,” Sann Aung, a Bangkok-based leader of the Burmese government-in-exile was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“They are worried that she will be a threat to the National Convention and the referendum,” he told Reuters, referring to the planned national referendum on a new constitution that is being written by the generals.

The Nation newspaper in Bangkok marked Suu Kyi’s birthday with an editorial, saying that sanctions against the Myanmar regime have been ineffective.

“The junta has earned huge amounts of foreign revenue from oil and gas exports, with prices jacked up many times over. With rich mineral resources, energy hungry countries have been attracted to Burma despite the repressive nature of the junta,” the editorial said, also making note of a recent deal that Russia has made to build nuclear reactor in Myanmar.

The paper also said Myanmar bodes ill for the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations regional grouping.

“As long as Aung San Suu Kyi remains incarcerated, ASEAN’s reputation and the group’s international standing will be tarnished. Asean leaders have repeatedly appealed to the Burmese junta to free her, but to no avail … today, Burma is the black sheep of ASEAN. Without any current provisions for sanctions, Burma will remain as intransigent in the future as it is today.”

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Castlevania Curse Of Darkness Weapon Combining And Innocent Devils Tips

Castlevania Curse of Darkness is a unique video gamefor the XBox system in the series. Gamers and programmers call specialsurprises hidden throughout the game “Easter Eggs” and are stillpresent in this video games and gaming series. Weapon combining,innocent devils, the double jump right from the start, and specialweapons are some of the greatest draws to this video game.

Weaponcombining in this video game on the XBox system is an art. CastlevaniaCurse of Darkness differs from other Castlevania games in the videogames and gaming world in that instead of buying your weapons from ashop, you make your own. Yes, this is a big draw to this Castlevania.With special materials that enemies drop or by stealing these itemsfrom the enemies, you create your own weapons. Generally, with weaponcombining you need to use a previously created weapon along with amaterial or materials like jet black, aluminum bronze, carbon steel,ether, ceramics, etc. to create your new, better weapon. For example,jet black creates a broad sword. The first sword that you will be ableto make is a short sword. Using bronze, this is one of the few weaponsin the game that does not require another “starter” weapon to make.

Theirare certain weapons and armor in the game that are quite amusing. Abaseball jersey, schoolboy cap, and a clown suit are a few. You don’tactually “view” these items on Hector (Hector is your main charactersname in Castlevania Curse of Darkness), but the clown suit will raiseyour luck and the sports kit increases your strength. Play around withthe armor choices to see which suit will work best for you in eachsituation. It is a plus in game play to change both your weapons andyour armor during battles and between to saturate your stats to yourbenefit.

The funnies in the weapons category actually look coolas a visual graphic. The funny ax is called the Piko Piko Hammer thatrequires a rare item to create and makes a squeeky “piky piky” soundwhen you attack. The frying pan requires two rare items to create andmakes a “sizzling” sound when you attack. The Deck Brush is the spearweapon funny in Castlevania Curse of Darkness. You know, a deck brushlike the ones that pirates used to swab the deck or your Dad uses tosweep the garage. This is one fun weapon to use. Champion gloves allowyou to become a champion boxer in five seconds or less or die trying.No, not really but these are the weakest of all the punching weapons inthe game.

Then there is an entire weapons category called”special weapons”. Yes, these other weapons mentioned sound quitespecial but these next weapons are categorized as such. The ElectricGuitar is one of the favorites here. Melt faces with your face meltingsolo, then jump and attack for the guitar smashing finish! You playthis weapon poorly at best and the weapon is slow but a whole lot offun. Fire Flask is a molten cocktail, the Bat is too awesome with itsspikes, way slow but good for knocking enemies back off you when theyget too much and you need just that split second to regroup.

Theimportance of weapon combining and upgrading your weapons is not onlythe damage which is given but some enemies are weaker against oneweapon as opposed to another. for instance, Gaibon is weaker againstspears but a Final Guard would be weaker against a mace.

Weapontypes effect how your innocent devils evolve or mature. The innocentdevils are helpers or friends you find throughout the game to assistyou during battles and for healing. The base battle type innocentdevil, Magnard, will evolve into either a Speedmail or Golem dependingon which weapon is used and then those will evolve into something else.The Golem will mature into the Legendary Iytei (pronounced E-Tay) orJuggernaut first and then into the Legendary Ironside or LegendaryLiquid Golem.

Legendaries are apex predators and do not evolveanymore. Iytai is the weakest of the Legendary Battle type innocentdevils but is most useful. Each type of innocent devil can do it’s ownthing. Some fairy types open chests and heal you. Their are fourLegendary Fairy types and each has it’s own special ability. One has anability called “Press It and See” which you need to get to a secretarea in the game to enable. Another can read ancient runes on the wallsand one more can make you invisible. The fourth Fairy type is theLegendary and is going to remain a mystery. It is a task just gettingthe innocent devils or ID’s to Legendary status.

Bird type ID’shave five Legendaries and the Bird does what you’d think, allows you tofly over short distances. Mage types has four Legendaries and can stoptime with one able to purify undead. Those pesky Blood Skellies won’tdie without it! The Devil types have only one Legendary and you need aweapon called the Chauve Souris. Oops, enough spoilers but it certainlyis a needed piece of information and will save you from visiting GameFaqs more than necessary.

You can have only one innocent devilout at any given time in your particular deck with you at all times,you can carry six. The others get stored at Julia’s Shop located inBaljhet Mountains for your safe keeping and to breed them. While theseinnocent devils fight they drop things called devil shards. By devilforging allows you to create a new ID of the same type as the parentand the spawn will become become stronger than the parent! Taking thedevil shards to Julia and either selling them or forging them will gainyou money or a new innocent devil.

The premiere elite Battle typeinnocent devil would be an Ironside for three consecutive generations,being born from a level sixty Ironside that dropped the devil shardeach time. This would be impressive on its own but, after the thirdgeneration Ironside, have it drop a level sixty devil shard and breedthat one as a Rasetz until level sixty again dropping a devil shard.Take that last one and breed to be a Rasetz! This is the uber creation!This fifth gem will be sweet. Shelling out damage its aura blast willdo upwards of five hundred damage to each enemy. Its glow soul abilityis quite impressive for certain.

Always remember where you’regoing by checking the map often as it is easy to turned around.Castlevania Curse of Darkness is challenging fun for players who getinto the details or just a relaxing time for casual game play for videogames and gaming choices.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan dies in car accident aged 50

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Frank Ryan has died in a car accident at age 50. It is reported that the Jeep Ryan was driving crashed over the side of the Pacific Coast Highway and landed on rocks. Lifeguards were first on the scene and unsuccessfully tried to rescue Ryan. It is thought that no other vehicle was involved in the incident.

Dr. Ryan, a celebrity in his own right, performed plastic surgery on several stars including Janice Dickinson, Gene Simmons, Shauna Sand and Adrianne Curry. He appeared on several television shows and became one of the first people to perform plastic surgery on television in 1995.

A representative for Janice Dickinson released a statement about the death of Ryan. She said “Janice is deeply, deeply anguished! She is stunned and wants the world to know what a genius Dr. Ryan was.”

Ryan was traveling with his pet dog at the time of the crash; the dog was found seriously injured in the ocean and was transported to a local veterinarian. Dr. Ryan was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Wikinews interviews candidate for New York City mayor Vitaly Filipchenko

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

In early May, Wikinews extended an invitation to Vitaly Filipchenko, an independent candidate in the 2021 New York City mayoral election, set to take place November 2nd, alongside other candidates. Filipchenko answered some questions about his policies and campaign during a phone interview.

Filipchenko, registered on the New York City Campaign Finance Board as Vitaly A. Filipchenko, is the first Russian candidate for New York City mayor, being born in Tomsk, Siberia in 1973, according to news agency Sputnik. He has since naturalised as a United States citizen. According to the web site, Filipchenko has been educated in road construction and maintenance and owns a moving services company; he describes himself on his web site as a “small business owner”. On his web site’s platform page, he says that “[m]y English may not be perfect – but my platform is.”

Incumbent Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio, who won re-election in the 2017 New York City mayoral election by 66.5%, cannot run for a third term under term limits. As of April 28, 22 candidates are currently running, the majority of whom are also Democrats. Ahead of the June Democratic primary for New York City mayor, a poll conducted May 23 and 24 by WPIX and Emerson College of 12 Democratic candidates with a margin of error of 3.2 per cent has former commissioner for the New York City Department of Sanitation Kathryn Garcia and Borough President of Brooklyn Eric Adams leading with 21.1% and 20.1%, respectively.

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Australia reclaim Ashes in Perth

Monday, December 18, 2006

Australia has reclaimed The Ashes after defeating England in the third 2006-07 Ashes Test match in Perth, Western Australia. The win gives Australia an unbeatable 3-0 lead in the five-match series.

Australia lost The Ashes for the first time since 1987 in the 2005 Ashes series, when England won the series 2-1, with the other two tests drawn.

Australia won the toss and batted first on the WACA ground wicket. The English bowling dominated, dismissing Australia for 244 off 71 overs. Michael Hussey was the only Australian to build an innings, scoring an unbeaten 74. Recalled left-arm orthodox spinner Monty Panesar claimed 5-92, and teammate Stephen Harmison took four wickets.

England went in to bat late on day one, and lost two wickets for 51 runs before the close of play. On the resumption of play on day two, the wickets continued to fall, and they were eventually bowled out for 215. Kevin Pietersen made 70 for the visitors, whilst Stuart Clark took 3-49 for the home team.

The second innings of Australia was a vast improvement. They lost one wicket before stumps on day two, and resumed at 1-119 on day three. They proceeded to dominate England in 40oC+ temperatures, with three Australians – Michael Clarke, Michael Hussey and Adam Gilchrist – scoring centuries. Gilchrist’s century was the second-fastest in history, reaching 100 in 57 deliveries. Australia declared their innings closed late on day three at 5-527.

England required 557 to win in their second innings, or needed to bat for two-and-a-bit days to salvage a draw and keep the 2006-07 series alive. They were 1-18 by the close of play on day three. On day four, English batsman Alastair Cook scored his first Ashes test century, stalling Australia’s roll towards victory. He was assisted by teammate Ian Bell, who made 87.

Cook was dismissed by paceman Glenn McGrath on 116 in the third last over of day four, sparking an English batting collapse; the visitors were 5-265 at stumps on day four, after losing three quick wickets. Day five saw England bat well for an hour, before collapsing after losing captain Andrew Flintoff to be all out for 350 two balls after lunch. Shane Warne finished with 4-123 in the second innings, whilst Pietersen was unbeaten on 59.

Michael Hussey was named Man of the Match for his two innings of 74 not out and 103.

The fourth test will begin on Boxing Day (December 26) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Warne requires just one wicket to be the first bowler in history to reach 700 Test wickets.

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Crazy Cabbies: Gps Tracking}

Crazy Cabbies: GPS Tracking


YouTube Preview Image

Herbert ReichTaxicabs, also called just cabs or taxis, are a kind of single passenger or small group public transport. Taxis act as vehicles for hire, and transport people between locations of their choice for a fee. Unlike buses and trains, the passenger determines the pick up and drop off points, not the driver. There are four major kinds of taxicab, though they may not be called by these names, depending on location. nnHackney carriages are available for hailing or public hire, and can be hired on the street. Private hire vehicles are also available, and may be called minicabs. Private hire taxis are available only by pre-booking – you can\’t hire them on the street. Jitneys, or taxibuses, are a type of bus/taxicab hybrid that operate on preset routes like a bus. Limousines are also a kind of taxi, but are usually only available by pre-booking. nnThe customs and standards pertaining to taxi vary from country to country, and sometimes from city to city. The first hackney carriages started operating in the early seventeenth century in London and Paris. The first service we can document was started by a man called Nicolas Sauvage in Paris, and dates from 1640s. His vehicles were called fiacres, since the major vehicle depot in the city was near a shrine to St. Fiacre. In French, this term is still used to describe horse drawn carriages for hire. The Hackney Carriage Act was passed in London in 1635 and was the first legislated control on vehicles for hire in English. Eventually hansom cabs replaced older vehicles due to being faster and safer.nnA major advance in taxi services was the taximeter. This device, originally mechanical but now often electronic, calculates the fare in the cab. The first modern taxicab equipped with a meter was the Daimler Victoria, built in 1897. Gas powered taxicabs started operating in Paris in 1899, in 1903 in London, and in 1907 in New York. During the twentieth century, taxicabs became more and more common, partially due to the integration of two way radios into them in the 1940s. This worked more efficiently than the previous callbox method. In the 1980s, computer aided dispatching came into being, and was a significant innovation.nnOne of the common traits among taxi drivers is that experienced ones are expected to have a strong knowledge of all the places their customers may wish to go. However, as time goes on and technology advances, more and more taxicab companies are beginning to use GPS tracking in their vehicles. This augments the traditional printed map included in most taxicabs. Poorer countries generally still rely on the driver\’s memory and the map, since GPS is not always available. Despite the availability of this technology, some areas that have the option of using GPS tracking do not make use of it. London\’s black cab taxis, for instance, still rely on strict training of their drivers instead. Minicabs, on the other hand, are making use of this technology much more frequently.

If you\’re interested in getting your hands on a

GPS tracking

system or device, make sure you by from a respected



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Libricide plans on ice at University of Oslo

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The plan to incinerate over 200 years’ worth of archived newspapers at the University of Oslo was paused this week, following an article by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten publicising the intended destruction.

The unwanted archives take up 3 kilometres of shelf space, and neither the University nor the National Library are interested in retaining and storing the years of history any more.

The collection consists of both Nordic and non-Nordic newspapers, including Manchester Guardian, New York Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Le Figaro.

A planned incineration of them in 2002 was avoided by moving them into a warehouse owned by Nils Christian Bang at Follum Grend, near Ringerike. Edgar Learn Borg, retired supervisor of the collection, continues to be involved in the preservation of the collection which hasn’t been accessed by researchers since its move.

The order came again to clean up the store. Frode Meinich, technical director of the University, says that the collection is not unique, and indicated that the University needs temporary storage for some antiquarian furniture during renovation of a music facility of the University.

In 2007, Frode Meinich told Aftenposten that a national program of infrastructure modernization was desperately needed. “For the time being we are managing to keep the ship afloat, but if something serious isn’t done in the next few years we have a major problem”.

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Health Benefits Of Undergoing A Thai Yoga Massage Session In Oahu Hi

byAlma Abell

Are you experiencing aches and pains throughout your body? Does it often feel difficult to move around due to your lack of flexibility? If so, you may find undergoing a session with a Thai Yoga Massage in Oahu HI therapist beneficial.

A Thai Yoga Massage, sometimes referred to as a Thai massage, is a specific massage technique that combines yoga moves with standard core massage movements. Standard core massage movement can include the application of rhythmic pressure, stretching, and manipulation of specific body parts.

Thai massages have been proven to have very specific health benefits. It is these health benefits that keep numerous people coming back to a Thai Yoga Massage Oahu HI clinic.

The following are some of the many numerous health benefits people receive by attending one or more Thai massage sessions.

A Stress Reliever

Thai massages have been proven to be extremely successful at relieving stress. Stress is often relieved through these massage sessions by increasing or boosting the immune system. When the immune system is boosted, the body is better equipped to handle stress and anxiety.

A Pain Reliever

The most common reason people choose to undergo a Thai massage session is because of its ability to relieve pain. Thai massages have been shown to reduce or eliminate pain associated with a number of health problems including sports injuries, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Increased Flexibility

Thai massages guide individuals through a number of yoga poses. This allows the body to stretch out muscles and increase flexibility -; over time. Increased flexibility comes with numerous health benefits that range from better balance, decreased vulnerability to injuries, and even less muscle/body fatigue.

Increased Blood Circulation

Just the pure fact that you are getting your body up and moving will help increase blood flow throughout the body. Increased blood flow has numerous health benefits that include faster injury recovery times, lower blood pressure, and a healthier heart.

People interested in undergoing a Thai Yoga massage and seeing the health benefits for themselves can visit Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage. This massage studio has a number of qualified and trained massage therapists that will be able to provide you with a relaxing massage therapy session.