Total evacuation of New Orleans planned

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A state of emergency has been enacted in New Orleans in the U.S. state of Louisiana today, after the devastating Hurricane Katrina made landfall on Monday. There were earlier erroneous reports by the news media that martial law had been imposed. Mayor Ray Nagin fears that there may be “thousands” of fatalities in his city alone.

Many hospital staff are struggling without power and supplies. As many as 2,500 patients from hospitals in Orleans Parish were to be evacuated, according to US Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, but where they could be sent was still uncertain.

Looters are roaming the city and have already ransacked the city’s upscale shopping district on Canal Street. They have been seen on news reports carrying huge bags of stolen goods. Governor Kathleen Blanco announced plans to completely shut down New Orleans and move everybody left there out of the area. A rescue helicopter was shot at, temporarily halting all rescue operations.

Former mayor Marc Morial summed up his view by saying; “We’ve lost our city, I fear it’s potentially like Pompeii.”

Two of the city’s levees on Lake Ponchartrain failed; one with a football-field size breach.Emergency workers dropped sandbags from helicopters into the levee’s breaches,but the water kept coming.

“It appears that now the bowl is beginning to fill — not rapidly but slowly,” said Walter Maestri, an emergency operations manager. New floods swept through the center of New Orleans and water now covers 80 percent of the city with broken gas lines feeding raging fires. In some locations the water is now at a depth of 20 feet (six meters).

The famous French Quarter, initially less affected by flooding, finally also succumbed.

“Get out of town if you can.” said Ed Freytag, a city worker at the temporary City Hall complex. “We’re damn close right now to that worst-case scenario,” said Dave Cohen, a local radio host.

For those that were staying in the Superdome, officials have begun moving them to the long-vacant Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

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3 Carpet Care Tips You Should Know


Caring for your newly installed carpeting doesn’t have to be too difficult if you know what to look for. Your carpeting company will be able to provide you with guidelines and carpet care tips that can help you to extend the life of your carpeting. However there are also additional tips you should be aware of no matter what type of new carpet installation you have received. Learning more about how to take care of your carpet can help you to enjoy it in quality condition for the long haul.

Keep pets off

One of the most challenging tips to follow is to keep pets off of the carpeting as this isn’t always feasible. However if there are other areas in the home with hardwood flooring, direct pets more in this direction as the cleanup will be much easier especially if your pet has an accident. Treating and cleaning up a carpet on the other hand can be extremely difficult after a pet has had an accident there.

Treat stains right away

The second carpet care tip to be aware of is to treat stains right away so they don’t set into the carpet. A stained up carpet can look very unappealing and can bring down the ambiance of your entire home. Instead of settling for set in stains, purchase high quality pre treating sprays which you can use before contacting your professional carpet cleaning company. This will help to lift some of the stains and to make the damage less lasting.

Use a professional carpet care company

After you have treated the carpeting, let your carpet cleaning company know you are ready to have your carpeting cleaned. Your carpet cleaning company will have all of the needed tools and equipment to do the best job for your carpet care needs.

Count on Bassett Carpet for the outstanding carpet care services you need. Visit them online to find out more information about their services at You can pay a visit at Facebook page for more information!

Kenya government fires health worker strikers over failure to ‘report back to work’

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Kenyan government has dismissed 25,000 striking health workers, mostly nurses, citing failure to heed government orders to recommence work and concern for the welfare of hospital patients. Speaking on behalf of the government, Alfred Mutua stated the workers were dismissed “illegally striking” and “[defying] the directive … to report back to work”, which he called “unethical”. The government asks that “[a]ll qualified health professionals, who are unemployed and/or retired have been advised to report to their nearest health facility for interviews and deployment”, Mutua stated.

The workers, who had been on strike for four days, were wishing to have improvements made to their wages, working conditions, and allowances. The strikes have caused a significant number of Kenyan hospitals to cease operations. According to Kenya Health Professionals Society spokesperson Alex Orina, the average monthly wage plus allowances for health workers in Kenya is KSh25,000 (£193, US$302 or €230) approximately. With an increasing number of reports of patients neglected in hospitals emerging, two trade unions met with the Kenyan government yesterday and negotitated a return to work, although a significant proportion of demonstrators defied the agreement, The Guardian reported.

Orina told Reuters the dismissals were “cat-and-mouse games, you cannot sack an entire workforce. It is a ploy to get us to rush back to work, but our strike continues until our demands are met”. Frederick Omiah, a member of the same society, believed the government’s actions would “make an already delicate and volatile situation worse”, expressing concern that demonstrations may continue in the capital Nairobi, amongst other locations. Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union chairperson Dr. Victor Ng’ani described government actions as “reckless”.

Mutua said the health workers were “no longer employees of the government” and had been eliminated from the payroll. While Ng’ani told the BBC of difficulties with finding other workers as skilled and experienced, Mutua reportedly stated that this would not be an issue. “We have over 100,000 to 200,000 health professionals looking for work today,” Mutua commented. “There will be a lag of a day or two … but it is better than letting people die on the floor, at the gate, or suffer in pain”.

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Blown for Good author discusses life inside international headquarters of Scientology

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wikinews interviewed author Marc Headley about his new book Blown for Good, and asked him about life inside the international headquarters of Scientology known as “Gold Base“, located in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California. Headley joined the organization at age seven when his mother became a member, and worked at Scientology’s international management headquarters for several years before leaving in 2005.

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Five construction workers shot dead in Afghanistan

Friday, March 5, 2010

According to reports from officials, four Pakistani and one Afghan road construction workers were killed in Afghanistan yesterday by armed men.

The interior ministry reported that the attack happened on Thursday morning, in the Panjwayi district in the Kandahar province, and noted that one other Pakistani and Afghan labourer were injured. The workers were reportedly en route to a building site operated by the SAITA construction firm.

“They were going to work when this incident took place. We are arranging transportation of their bodies back to Pakistan,” commented Ajmal Farooqi, an executive with the company.

Police official Agha said that two gunmen motorcycle opened fire on the workers, conflicting with reports from the interior ministry, which says that there were three gunmen.

Agence France-Presse reports that this incident bears the hallmarks of the Taleban; however, Taleban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi remarked that “[o]ur friends did not say anything about it, we don’t have information about the incident”.

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What Are Auditory Processing Disorders?

APD can affect people of any age. It usually begins in childhood, but some people get it later in life. It affects between 2% and 7% of children, with boys being more likely than girls to have it. Because the disease can cause academic difficulties, children with it may require more support in school.

APD isn’t the same as hearing loss or a learning disability. It means that your brain does not “hear” noises in the way it normally does. It’s not a matter of comprehending the meaning. A person with APD, for example, may have difficulty distinguishing between the sounds of a bat and a cat. In some cases, most words can also be scrambled when heard, making the person unable to exactly comprehend and process the words.

Other things that elicit similar symptoms could be associated with APD. In fact, it could be one of the causes of dyslexia in some people. Furthermore, some specialists believe that youngsters may be classified as having ADHD when they actually have APD.

APD can influence your child’s ability to read, write, and spell, as well as the way they talk. They might omit word endings or mix up similar sounds. It can also be difficult for them to communicate with others. They might not be capable of processing what others are saying quickly enough to respond.

It is unknown what causes APD. However, the issues affect people of all ages and in various ways. Common symptoms include failing to pay attention to what people are saying, not recognizing the source of a sound, being unable to listen to music, and comprehending what people are saying when engaged in a conversation. So, if they don’t understand, they could respond in unexpected ways.

The reason for APD in children is frequently unknown. Children with head trauma, lead poisoning, seizure disorder, or recurrent ear infections are thought to be at a higher risk. There may be multiple causes in some cases. APD is a contentious topic. Experts disagree about whether it is a disorder in and of itself, and there are several definitions. However, the phrase is still in use, and the challenges are very real.

The first step in determining whether or not you have APD is to rule out hearing loss. Professionals in the medical field are usually capable of doing so. Audiologists, on the other hand, conduct APD testing. The audiologist will conduct a series of sophisticated listening tests in which your child will be exposed to a variety of sounds and respond accordingly. They could, for example, repeat them or press a button. The doctor may also place non-painful electrodes in your child’s ears and head to assess how their brain responds to sound, and, accordingly, prescribehearing aids in Sri Lanka.

Speech therapy is the most common treatment for APD. If the child has a language issue, the school may provide free therapy. However, speech-language therapists in clinics or in medical clinics are also available. The earlier you begin treatment, the better. There is no cure for APD, and treatment is tailored to the individual. However, it usually concentrates on certain areas, such as alterations to the physical surroundings to improve the listening environment, individualized treatments, and help for non-listening symptoms that are managed by other professionals. Many places provide services for hearing aids in Maharagama, and the hearing aid price in Sri Lankais guaranteed to be affordable.

Individualized therapy is a key aid in the development of a child’s auditory pathway. The audiologist would typically recommend them based on the findings of a child’s exams and concerns, and sometimes prescribe hearing aids for better assistance. Children with APD can benefit from a variety of computer-assisted programs. They primarily help the brain process sounds in a noisy environment. These programs are available at some schools. If your child has APD, check with the school to see what choices are accessible, and use the hearing aid service online in Sri Lanka to get the best of the options available.

Eurovision ’09 competitor Chiara talks about her current song “What If We” and her past accolades

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The small archipelago of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea takes the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously. Leading a fight to remove a cap on the number of competing countries brought them back to the Contest in 1991 after a 16-year absence, and ever since the nation has had perfect attendance.

Since then, Malta’s dependable “shining star” has been Chiara Siracusa, who goes by her first name in her music career. First competing in 1998 at the age of 21, she was pushed to the brink of victory until the votes from the final country that evening leveled her placement to third. Her rendition of the song “The One That I Love,” and the recognition she received not only for herself, but for her country, made her a star in Malta overnight, and helped her launch a singing career in Europe.

She would later return to the Contest in 2005 with “Angel,” an anthem she penned herself, and achieved second place. Now, in 2009, she will be going back to Eurovision for a third try, hoping for the “3-2-1” charm and a victory — something that has eluded her thus far. Her entry, the ballad “What If We,” has special memories for Chiara; it is dedicated to her father, who is recently deceased.

What if Chiara could take home the gold in Moscow; for Malta, for her father, and for herself? Only time will tell. Chiara took time out of her Eurovision promotional schedule to answer some questions from Wikinews’ Mike Halterman about her past performances, and most importantly, her upcoming one.

This is the fourth in a series of interviews with past Eurovision contestants, which will be published sporadically in the lead-up to mid-May’s next contest in Moscow.

((Mike Halterman)) You’ll be going to Moscow for a third try at possibly winning Eurovision. Why did you decide to compete this year? How did your partnership with Marc Paelinck and Gregory Bilsen come about?

Chiara: Well, I met Marc Paelinck long time ago through a friend in Belgium. We started working together and it brought us to this collaboration today. I was thinking of going back to the festival [for a long time] and this year felt like the right year to do so.

((Mike Halterman)) Eurovision fans from across Europe picked you as the wide favorite to win Malta’s preselection this year. Were you as confident? Were you nervous about competing in the semi-final rounds this time around, or did you think this was something you could handle?

Chiara: When I go into a competition, I always go to win, but I was nervous like everyone else…I think [when] you win a festival, [you win] for what you present, not for what your history is.

((Mike Halterman)) Growing up, did you always want to become a singer? Who were your musical influences, and what genres do you think are your favorite? Do you think these preferences have molded you into the singer you are today?

Chiara: Definitely. My mum always says I used to sing and dance for them all the time since I was a baby, and I’ve always loved ballads. In fact, my favourite singer has always been Whitney Houston.

((Mike Halterman)) How did you come to the decision to enter the Eurovision pre-selection for Malta back in 1998? What kinds of feelings did you experience during the path you took to eventual victory in the national final?

Chiara: 1998 was my first time in the festival. I was very young and I felt I could never win it. I wanted just to try and be there with the big names of those times. It was very scary and overwhelming, [and] then I won.

((Mike Halterman)) Did you feel overwhelmed performing in front of an international audience in Birmingham? What kind of personal feelings and emotions made you relate to the song you sang, “The One That I Love”? There were remarks afterwards that your performance was great, but your dress had similarities to Barbara Dex’s from five years before (and she has become well-known for her “fashion don’t”). Looking back on it, what did you think of that dress?

Chiara: Well…looking back I remember that I was completely overwhelmed [singing] in front of so many people. I was very scared but managed to do well. As for the dress, they were different times [back then] and it was beyond my control.

((Mike Halterman)) You came very close to winning the Contest for Malta back in 1998. When you didn’t, how did it make you feel? Did you feel “robbed”? As an addenda, some Wikipedians I’ve talked to have hypothesized that tabloid hype before the event helped Dana International win; in other words, she would not have won had she not been a transsexual. Do you feel that’s true, and did you like her song?

Chiara: I know a lot of Maltese who voted for Dana because they liked the song and for no other reason. The song was good and we still hear it today.

Obviously when you are so close to winning something and you don’t, yes, you feel a bit robbed, but [then there’s] the moment [when] you realise you did well and you are happy.

((Mike Halterman)) After Eurovision, you made a transformation from an unknown singing hopeful to a true recording artist. Tell us a bit about your transformation, and how you felt during this time. Also, around this time you started to perform in concerts and festivals abroad. What was your best memory from this time, when you were performing abroad and people from outside Malta not only knew who you were, but were interested in your life and music.

Chiara: Everything came like rain in my life, from one thing to the other, and before I knew it I became “Chiara of Malta.” I loved it, but I didn’t have much time to think about it. It came quickly; I went to a lot of places and sang with many people but I think what I will always remember is the concert I did with my band, where Seal was as well in the same event, in Frankfurt. It was incredible.

((Mike Halterman)) In 2005, you entered the Contest again, this time with a song you wrote yourself. What is the meaning behind “Angel,” and what kind of story do the lyrics tell about your own life and experiences?

Chiara: “Angel” is a love song and it will always have a special place in my heart. It’s about the love you give someone without wanting anything back, and the unlimited support too.

((Mike Halterman)) You achieved the best placing for Malta in Eurovision history with your performance in 2005. What did you learn from your experiences in 1998 and, in your mind, how did you improve to become more successful in 2005?

Chiara: I think it’s the maturity and the experience. [Through] the years, without knowing, you [gather] so many lessons and behave better and take things a bit more serious and so on.

((Mike Halterman)) Surely you’ve read not only supportive comments, but negative ones as well, particularly concerning your weight. At the same time, however, you have become a role model of sorts for fuller-figured women across Europe, who aren’t accustomed to seeing “people like them” at Eurovision. How did you deal with the negativity, both in the context of the Contest and in your personal life, and what message do you hope to give to full-figured women who look to you for inspiration?

Chiara: Well, I have always been “full figured,” as you put it. I have spent time in my life trying to become as thin as I could, but I could never make it. Through the years I have learnt to accept myself and love me for what I am and how I look. I feel I have nothing less than others and my advice is to be happy with yourself, and love yourself, because you can never get someone to love you if you yourself don’t.

((Mike Halterman)) Tell us about the emotions you convey in the song “What If We.” Every song has a story, so what is the story played out in this song?

Chiara: The story for me with this song is completely about my father. He was the one to contact Marc [Paelinck] and he was the machine behind Eurovision for me, so he’s entirely what this song is about for me and being that he passed away three months ago, well, it makes the song very special when I sing it.

((Mike Halterman)) If you had to absolutely pick one song, which of the three songs you’ve submitted is your favorite, and why?

Chiara: The three songs [each] have a story of [their own]. “The One That I Love” gave me my whole career, my fame and everything I am today so i can never forget it; “Angel” is too special because it’s like my baby, I wrote it myself; and “What If We” is very deep in my heart because of my dad, so I can never choose between them. Sorry!

((Mike Halterman)) What are your plans for after the Contest? What kinds of projects would you like to pursue? Have you considered launching a singing career in the United States?

Chiara: My immediate project after the festival is an album which I have already started working on, in my style [which] is completely ballads, then wherever that takes me I’ll go, [whether it be] the U.S. or elsewhere.

((Mike Halterman)) Finally, what would you like to tell all of your fans, awaiting your performance this May in Moscow?

Chiara: I would like to thank them for the ongoing support they have always showed me, and promise them I will give them my all on the performance night in Moscow.

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BC man is selling the boat from old TV series Gilligan’s Island

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A man named George Schultz in Parksville, British Columbia is selling the boat from old TV series Gilligan’s Island at the cost of $99,000. The cruiser, originally cost about $290,000 in the 1960s.

“There have been a couple of modifications, so it doesn’t look exactly like the original,” said Shultz, a boat broker who’s selling the 36-foot Wheeler Express Cruiser for fellow Parksdale resident Scotty Taylor. “But it’s still the original boat.”

Originally, the boat’s name was The Blue Jacket.

“Just for the show, for a stage name, it was called the S.S. Minnow,” Shultz said. The name was a reference to Newton Minnow, once chairman of the FCC.

“He just liked the boat, he wanted to restore it, it was a nice looking boat, a wooden boat, a classic and he likes classic boats,” said Shultz. “The hole in the hull was actually the least of the repairs – the interior needed a lot more work”.

Someone later stole the plaque on the boat, but the 46-year-old boat still has the round life preserver with S.S. Minnow emblazoned on it and the skipper’s chair.

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More US recalls: Fish pool toy rips fingernail off child, numerous toys with excessive lead

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled more products over the last few days, though not all because of excessive lead.

While American toy companies have been rocked in the last few months by numerous unsafe Chinese-made products, mostly due to excessive amounts of lead in paint, a few of the latest recalls were actually due to design flaws.

Also recently recalled are sunglasses and toy cars from the Dollar General chain of price-point retailers.

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The Worldwide Phenomenon Of Spyware

Submitted by: Jim Matthews

We will deliberate regarding one of the most successful anti-spyware solutions being implemented by most IT experts, but the name of this software will be given at the end to talk about the good features of this solution.

The software is designed to battle any recognized types of malware and spyware. On the fighting of viruses, shady ActiveX matters, keyloggers and any other harmful downloads, this software has a database of 50,000 malwares and other harmful files documented, but just if in case that is not enough, they use heuristics to analyze the behaviour of what is running inside your PC to know if it is harmful or not, so it does not simply depends on its list of known threats to provide immediate security as it makes use of a vibrant content scanning. The software is obtainable in 31 language selections and was designed with great convenience as it removed the use of submenus and dialog boxes making it user friendly. The user is also capable to pick from just a couple of simple options to start the scanning process in a simple way. The report could be modified by users to view them in a typical or a comprehensive report.


YouTube Preview Image

The application’s performance is also remarkable as it is able to recognize dangers both documented and undocumented risks. The primary reason above all this is that it doesn’t depend totally on its known infections database. You would realize that your system would not eventually slow down the moment you’ve installed the software and yet, your security level will be at the greatest level keeping the health of your computer system in condition. When a spyware is being eliminated, it is being registered in the database to make sure it won’t come back by the use of the InteliScan technology. As you observe, the software doesn’t only execute the typical scanning and removing of unwanted files but also stops it from coming back.

Regarding on the volume of the files as well as the setting you’ve set, the rate may either be quick or sluggish. But when being in comparison to any other free application, they would still pale in comparison with this one. As a notice, it is always advisable to conduct the scanning when you are not using your computer system.

Help and Documentation

This program is one of the most interactive application today in spite of its convenience and minimal interface. It is pretty easy to work through the databases, forums as well as look at those user manuals. You could make a support request with them through a live chat or simply an e-mail. Generally, we could conclude that the software presented is still the best in the area of computer security.

This software don’t just identify and eliminate the harmful documents but also stops it from coming. A whole new version that has been developed can now be set up unto other web browsers other than the previous one which only supported Internet Explorer.


At this era where the majority of work is being done electronically, it is essential to come across approaches to protect all files we create. Software is being developed from time to time helping us provide with the safety we all need.

About the Author: Mr. Matthews has been helping viewers all over the net, defend their computers from Spy ware from some time now. Go to this link:

Spy Doctor

and benefit from a clean CPU quicker than everything.


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