Restaurants In Mexico For A Unique Cuisine

Restaurants In Mexico For A Unique Cuisine


Kristopher Grizzell

Tourists to Mexico are often surprised by the difference between their plan of Mexican food (influenced by Tex-Mex and other fast foods), and the reality of customary cuisine in Mexico. After all the 2 types of cooking are really far apart, and if you visit Mexico and never go to any of their customary restaurants in Mexico, you would be doing yourself and your taste buds a huge disservice. Mexico has some of many modern and exciting dishes in South America and its nationwide cuisine may hold its own against the likes of French cuisine or customary American cooking.

The first factor that many visitors notice about Mexican cooking is how vital vegetables and fruits are to the dishes. Most restaurants in Mexico use foods which are offered in their local area, leading to a large choice of various dishes, depending upon that area of Mexico you\’re in.


On the coast, for example, you may find a huge number of seafood restaurants, whereas in the South you may be treated to a number of various vegetables and chicken dishes, and within the North you will get fresh steak, red meat and barbeque-style cooking. All of these variations mean that you may travel around Mexico, and never should eat a similar type of meal twice in a week.

Restaurants in Mexico hold the ideal of home cooking near their heart, that is demonstrated by the number of traditional home-cooked dishes, such as the Tortilla soups, or fresh chicken salads. These dishes are simple to cook and yet are full of flavor and ingredients, making them filling, tasty and exotic. Even the Pozole, a well-known dish, was once simply an easy winter soup designed to make utilization of stored or root vegetables.

One of the most normal dishes that you will find in restaurants in Mexico is referred to as the Chilaquiles Verdes. This can be made using traditional corn breads, tortillas, with a fresh chicken salad including salsa and cheese. This dish is done using new ingredients, and you may usually see it included in small restaurants as part of a four-course special. Cheap to make and to buy, Chilaquiles Verdes could be a great dish for anyone who needs to sample a real taste of Mexico without having to step too far out of the Western idea of Mexican cooking. When you have tried some of these basic dishes, you can then branch out into a lot of spicy or unusual dishes.

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