The Benefits Of Living In An Apartment In Paris

The Benefits of Living in an Apartment in Paris


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Lots of people are dreaming of taking a trip to Paris. The glamour and exquisiteness of the Parisian life seems to attract people from all over the world. If you are one of those who are planning to take a vacation in Paris, there is one vital thing that you need to know: staying in apartments is better than spending your holidays at a hotel. You may be doubtful about this, but let us explore the various benefits that an apartment in Paris can give you:


Money is one of the most important factors that you should carefully plan when you are taking a trip. In a vacation, you are most likely to spend above 50% of your budget for accommodations. Just think about this: apartment rentals in Paris cost as much as 50% less than hotel reservations. The huge amount of money that you will save if you choose to stay in an apartment will cause a great impact to your itinerary and schedule. The money that could have gone to expensive hotel reservations could have been spent on a romantic dinner date with your partner, more shopping spree for the family, and more budget for souvenirs for your friends back home. The money that you will save will enable you to enjoy Paris more. It will let you try more activities and experience living the life of a true Parisian.


Furthermore, those who are being hindered with their limited budget can now have the option to stay in an apartment, save money, and make their dream of coming to Paris a reality.

Proximity to Attractions and Activities


vacation apartments in Paris

are situated in cosmopolitans and residential areas. This is so because apartments in Paris also cater to the working population of the city aside from tourists who are looking for an affordable place to stay. These places are also in proximity with the best restaurants, shopping districts, market places, clubs, and parks. Staying in an apartment will enable you to experience these places without spending too much in transportation costs. Furthermore, you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the city, meet a lot of different people, or simply stroll around the city parks on an idle day. These strategically-placed residential areas are ideal for tourists who want to explore the city without the hardship of finding their way back to their hotel at the end of the day.

First Hand Experiences

If you want to experience Paris like a true Parisian will do, then you should stay in an apartment. Your apartment will enable you to meet local people, like the next door neighbor, the grocer across the street, or the baker who makes the delicious pastries that you eat every morning. This is a more worthwhile experience compared to spending your vacation with faceless hotel employees who interact with thousands of people a day and might not remember you without your hotel room number.

Staying in an apartment in Paris will let you experience not only the establishments that make the city famous but also the people who run the place. In this way, you can exchange stories and view the city in the perspective of someone who has been there for a long time.

When you choose to stay in apartment, you will save more than the money, you will not gain not only the financial benefits, but you will also come out of the country with richer experience and better memory of this glorified city.

Jules Kragen has been traveling to France for over 30 years. American born and a naturalized French Citizen, he has been writing about Paris since 2006 after he and his family purchased their Pied a Terre in the City of Light, not far from the Eiffel Tower. His articles are mainly focused on the vacationers who need information about

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