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Medical Billing Top Tips On How To Make Outsourcing Successful For Your Hospital

By Daljeet Sidhu

Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

Medical billing providers have turned around the revenues of many healthcare providers through effective application of technology and expertise. Some medical practitioners have increased their revenue by over 35% by hiring medical billing services.

Medical billing providers maximize collection in shortest possible time. Most medical practices are wanting in their billing procedures, which is one of the main reasons insurance companies get the chance to deny or reject claims. Billing providers spruce up the entire revenue system from the time of patient appointments to receiving payments.

Comprehensive solution

Revenue cycle management refers to the complete overhaul of the medical provider’s existing revenue system. Billing services include collection of claims and billing consulting services. The long-term objective of this service is to increase the efficiency and accountability of the entire cycle. The predictable outcome is timely and accurate submission of claims and increased cash flow.

Revenue cycle management

A medical practice’s revenue cycle is its source of cash flow and its efficient management should be of the highest priority of medical practitioners, right behind patient care. Medical billing providers examine and improve the revenue cycle from the patient visit to collection of claims. They also examine other processes related to budgeting, resource utilization, financial planning, and so on. Patient data and related activities are tracked and recorded at every step in the revenue collection plan to ensure timely submission of accurate claims.

Billing software services

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Medical billing providers leverage technology to optimize billing services. Revenue management applications have gone online with web-based applications that are user-friendly, accessible 24×7, HIPAA compliant, secure, customizable, and that support business intelligence. These applications make it possible to track data at every step.

The application system is first fed the necessary data to make it work as per the business processes of that medical practice. Activities include:

* authorizing services

* determining and validating insurance coverage

* assessing payment risks

* scheduling resources

Electronic medical records (EMR) technology enables medical practitioners to record information in a hand held device during a patient appointment. This data is synchronized with a central database ensuring accurate patient records in real-time.

At the end of the patient’s appointment, the automated billing software pulls the necessary details to prepare the claims for submission. The accurately filled claim is submitted to the insurance payer within a day.

Electronic billing speeds up the billing process significantly, unlike the manual process of data entry and coding. Faster and accurate billing results in higher collection rates and increased revenue.

Billing consulting services

Billing consulting services ensure the effective use of technology. The major function of medical billing consulting services is the implementation and management of the billing application and follow-up by:

* updating software

* supporting software

* providing financial reporting and statistics

* strategic assessment check-ins

* negotiating with insurance companies

* updating insurance forms

* updating membership requirements

Revenue cycle management includes collecting claims and improving the effectiveness of the process by bringing accuracy, accountability and timeliness to the process. Medical practitioners increase their revenue and the efficiency of their revenue management system by outsourcing billing services.

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How To Know If Your Wife Is Planning To Leave You 5 Telltale Signs

By Robbie James

Marriage is one of the most complex types of human relationships we can have. Apart from our spouse, with whom else in life does a person share so much on so many levels, including: financial, friendship, sexual, social, household, and (for some) parenting?

For a married person and his or her spouse, when elements of all of these dimensions of life are going fairly well, it can be a wonderful feeling. For most married couples, there are moments of sheer bliss when it seems like life could not get any better.

On the other hand, there are also times when things are not quite so rosy. In fact, when things in a marriage start to go south, they can do so at an alarming rate and seemingly all at once.

For a married man, it is especially a challenge when you had been feeling like your lives were going pretty well – and then you suddenly find out that your wife is not at all happy. Or, maybe you have known on some level for years that things were not so rosy. But, lately maybe things seem to almost be reaching a breaking point and you are starting to get worried. In your darkest moments, you might even start to suspect that your wife may be considering leaving you.

If you are wondering how to know if your wife is planning to leave you, here are 5 telltale signs:

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1. She seems to be getting certain details of her life in order:

Have you noticed that your wife seems to be a little bit extra busy lately – as if she is getting her affairs in order? This is the kind of activity often witnessed in someone who believes they are going to die soon. However, if your wife is going through an organizational streak around the home or with your finances, this could be a sign that she is planning to fly the coop.

2. Your wife seems to be spending much less time at home:

Lately, you may have noticed that your wife is spending a lot more time outside of the home than inside. Maybe she is going shopping, or hanging out with friends, or is just unaccounted for now and then. She may be slowly severing her ties with the home (and you) as a way to ease the emotional blow of a future planned separation.

3. You have evidence that she has taken up interest in another man:

This is a hard sign to admit to oneself. But, think for a moment: do you get the feeling that your wife may be paying particular attention to someone outside the home, say at work or in a community organization? While she may have stopped short of having an affair, her mind may be going in that direction.

4. You find correspondence between her and her attorney:

If you have noticed e-mails, letters, or voice messages between your wife and her attorney, this could be the sign that she is preparing to leave.

5. Others that know you say that they have not seen the two of you together much lately:

One of the most unsettling ways to find out that your wife may be planning on leaving you is when you get an indication from a friend, neighbor or family member that they have not seen you and your wife together much lately.

Of course, much more important than any of these possible telltale signs that your wife is planning to leave your marriage is simply your own intuition that something is not quite right. However, if you already have the sense that things are amiss in the marriage – it may be time to put together a plan to make things right again.

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Avoid Forex Currency Trading Scams

By Tom Houser

Forex Currency trading swindlers often attract customers through advertisements in local newspapers, radio promotions or attractive Internet sites. These particular advertisements may flaunt low-risk high-return investment opportunities in foreign currency trading. They may even offer high paid currency-trading employment opportunities. Be very skeptical when promoters of foreign currency trading claim that their services or account management will earn high profits with minimal risks. Be wary if they claim that employment as a Forex currency trader will make you wealthy quickly.

Avoid opportunities that sound too good to be true. Forex currency trading that involves get rich quick schemes are generally swindles. Retired folks with access to their retirement funds are attractive targets for fraudsters. Once your money is gone, it is almost impossible to get it back. Be very careful of companies that will guarantee you a profit. Be careful as well, if they flaunt extremely high performance. These types of statements are generally false.

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If the company tells you that written risk, disclosure statements are routine formalities imposed by the government, stay away from that company! Forex trading is very volatile and can be a huge risk for the uneducated and uninformed. If you cannot afford to lose money then do not get into the Forex currency trading market. Do not use your retirement funds for Forex currency trading; that would be extremely foolish.

Be very wary of online trading, it can be impossible to get a refund but it is very easy to transfer your funds. The internet is an easy way for fraudsters to reach potentially millions of people. The internet also can hide where a Forex trading company resides. If you transfer your money to a foreign location, it may be impossible to get it back.

You must get the background of the company you are dealing with. You should ask for all information in written form. Check with the Better Business Bureau as well. Do not rely strictly on information you here verbally. If you are not completely satisfied or comfortable with the information you find out then just do not deal with that company.

You may here the term ‘interbank’, it refers to a loose network of Forex currency transactions that are negotiated between financial institutions and other large companies. These are usually the only ones investing in the interbank market. So, be careful of a company that indicates that you should trade Forex in the interbank market. This can be a sign of an unscrupulous trading company.

Another term you may here is Margin trading. Margin trading can make you responsible for losses that are greater than the dollar amount you deposited. Many Forex currency traders will ask customers to give them funds, which they sometimes refer to as “margin.” These sums can be in the range of $1,000 to $5,000. Those dollar amounts actually control a far larger dollar amount of trading and customers are not aware of this sometimes. So, in essence do not trade on margin unless you fully understand what it means and what you are doing. You must be prepared to accept losses that can exceed the margin amounts you have paid.

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How To Repair Bad Credit Effectively

By Adriana Notton

Your life can be absolutely miserable if you have to go around with bad credit. Not only is it stressful but it can even ruin your chances of buying a car, a home and sometimes it can even keep you from getting a job. As bad as all of that sounds, there is hope because you can repair bad credit. In order to do so though you must take some positive actions and also change how you think about money. Below are a few pointers on how to repair bad credit.

The first thing you need to do is to get copies of your report from the three main credit agencies. Once you get your reports make sure to look all three of them over very carefully. You need to be looking for anything that might look like a mistake recorded on them. If you do find something that should not be there it is your duty to yourself to get a hold of the agency that has recorded the mistake. You will need to let them know they need to fix this and you should also get a hold of the creditor that shows the mistake. Sometimes if you call the creditor first they will get in touch with the agency for you.

If your bad scores are a result of you not paying back your debts on time, then it is in your best interest that you focus on those debts that are outstanding and get them paid off as soon as you possibly can. It’s a good idea that you pay off the ones that have the higher interest rates first.

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If you feel that all of your debts are just way too much for you to handle on your own then you will probably need to seek the help of one of those nonprofit credit-counseling companies to help you work out a financial plan for you. These counselors will work with you to try and put all of your debts together and they will also get a hold of everyone you owe money to and work with them to lower your payments and even try to get them to drop the finance charges. You can actually lower you payments each month by about 40 percent if you go this route.

Whatever you do make sure that you stay away from those companies that say they offer you a program that guarantees to repair bad credit with a special loan. All this does is drag you down deeper into debt. So be really wary of anyone that advertises very aggressively or is always sending you unwanted emails.

You should close out all of the accounts you absolutely don’t need and cut up your cards. If you have to consider selling things that will help you repay the money owed on the accounts. You should keep spending at a minimum and take the rest of the money you have to pay off all of your debts.

While you are paying all of your debts and trying to get caught up and totally paid off you need to begin living a life that is going to help you get your good credit re-established. You can start by making sure that you pay your rent or mortgage on time as well as all of your utilities bills. Try to stay living in the same place and keep the same job and make sure that you have both a checking and a savings account. Most importantly set up a budget and follow through with it.

After you have completely paid off all of your debts you can then try and apply for another credit card. You should probably start off with either a department store one or a gas station card before trying to go back to a major card. Make sure that you pay off the balances quickly.

When you eventually try for a major card you still may not qualify so you might want to consider getting one that is secured. This will still help you immensely and it will show up on your report as a regular card so it could help you rebuild a good history. Be careful not to apply for too many cards this will reflect on your report history negatively.

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Cashing Out 401k In Between Jobs

By Sean A. Kelly

Saving up for retirement may be one of many financially smart things young workers do especially if they have already started working from a young age. However, many young workers now are already cashing out 401k retirement funds especially when changing jobs. This may be because the IRS allows a cash-out when you quit your job. Of course, at the time of withdrawal you may be required to be separate from service to your employer and your termination date may have to be verified by your former employer when you are making your withdrawal request. Previously 401k withdrawals only have been allowed to employees older than 59 years but now younger employees can do so as well.

In general, cashing out 401 when you are changing jobs is not a good idea. This is why many experts suggest that you explore other options or ways to obtain money before resorting to dipping into your retirement fund. Many financial experts may advice against doing so. After all you may have the options of leaving your former 401k plan untouched, rolling it into your new employers 401k plan and also rolling your 401k to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). However, if you do decide to cash it out anyway, you may have to pay penalties for it. Your financial advisor may suggest that the best way might be to roll your account to your new employers 401k plan because it may be more beneficial for you in the long run.

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If you still wish to cash out 401k, you may want to bear in mind that doing so is not without consequences. Basically the idea of a retirement fund is to set aside a certain amount of money every month so that it would accumulate and grow over time. Even if you stop contributing to your 401k fund, the amount may still grow because of the rate of return on your account balance every year. So if you withdraw that money before it even had a chance to grow, you may be jeopardizing your own future. There will come a time when you could no longer work to support yourself so you may have to rely solely on the retirement fund you have set up when you first started working. If you tap out some or all of that money before you retire you may have to find an alternative source of income to support yourself after retiring.

Another repercussion of an early 401k withdrawal is that you may have to pay penalty or even income tax for it. 401k taxes may actually be quite a lot. You may think that 10% is a rather small percentage but when you translate it into actual dollars the amount could be more substantial than you think. At the same time you may also be required to make estimated tax payments to avoid withholding penalties. For example, if you decide to withdraw $20,000 from your 401k account you may have to pay $2,000 in taxes for the early withdrawal you made. Just imagine what you could have done with the $2,000 that you already have in hand if you did not have to hand it over to the federal government. On top of that, you may even be required to pay more money for penalties and other costs.

Ideally, you are not supposed to touch your 401k account until you are 59 years old. However, there may be circumstances that could force you to take out an amount of money from your 401k account. Many financial experts may advice against an early 401k withdrawal unless you absolutely have to. Perhaps it would be better for you to see if a less expensive and damaging alternative to help you with your financial difficulties exists before withdrawing early from your retirement fund.

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