Subtle Credit Repair Secrets

By Jim Kemish

It Takes Finesse

Credit repair takes finesse. There is much more to the job than just writing letters to the credit bureaus. In fact, as shocking as it seems, you can make a near perfect effort, but if you miss just a few subtle angles, your effort will produce no results at all! Here are the most important and most overlooked credit repair secrets you need to insure your success.

Doubt is Healthy

When you start your credit repair program you will need to examine your credit reports. Do not attribute any special level of competence to the credit bureaus. It is safer to assume that if anything looks even vaguely askew, there is a reporting error. Do not be afraid to dispute. Write your letter and put the onus on the credit bureaus.

Simplicity Pays

The person that will read your dispute letter will read approximately 150 other dispute letters in the working day, at an allotted pace of 3 minutes per dispute. They do not want to hear your life saga. Nor do they want to hear your interpretation of the reporting blunder. If you were not late, just say that you were not late. The golden rule of credit repair works; respect them and they will respect you.


Stay on the Case

On the other hand, even the most succinct credit repair letters are often rejected. Do not take it personally. It is a numbers game. Some may even tell you that a predetermined percentage of letters are turned away offhand without any research at all. These rejections will take the form of requests for extra identification or a generalized complaint about the frivolous nature of the dispute. If you get jilted, just take a deep breath and send your letter again.

Open New Accounts Soon

Time is money, and your credit scores matter. The FICO scoring model puts emphasis on accounts that are opened following a period of bad credit. And when you open a new account it can take six months for it to mature enough to yield the score benefit you want. Open new accounts now. If your credit is too poor to get the Platinum Visa Card of your dreams, start with two small secured cards. They are every bit as good for breathing life into your scores.

Manage Debt for Credit Repair Success

Once you have your new accounts open you need to manage them right. Paying your bills on time is just the start. For sure, you must never be late, but there is more. During your credit repair program, just follow this formula. Always keep a small balance on the card and never use more than twenty percent of the available limit. Small regular usage tells the scoring model that you are prudent and conservative. Before you know it they will raise your scores to tell prospective lenders that you are a good bet.

Save to Avoid Backsliding

There are a million unexpected expenses that can pop up, um, well, unexpectedly! I am sure that you know it well. From auto repairs to family necessities, there is no knowing what lies around the corner. It is wise to be prepared. You are making an investment in credit repair, now you must preserve it. Start a savings account. Set aside a little money every month and build a buffer against the little surprises that life sends us. With a little saving account you will be able to ride out financial storms with your credit intact and shining!

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