Terms You Should Avoid When Creating Promotional Materials

byAlma Abell

Are you getting ready to create your next set of promotional marketing materials? If so, there are obviously some things that you will want to be sure to mention. However, when it comes to these marketing materials, some people continue to make the same mistake – again and again. In order to avoid a serious marketing mishap, you should avoid certain phrases when sending your promotional materials to the printers In Orange County.

“Despite Popular Belief…”


You need to work hard to avoid any sentence that will qualify your businesses claims regarding quality. This means that you do not need to create a preface, such as “we are the best” with a phrase such as “no matter what you may have heard.” You should not put any type of doubt in the heads of your potential clients. The promotional material that you create needs to leave them with the idea that they have never heard anything other great things about your brand or company.

“When You’re Not Satisfied…”

It is important that you avoid any type of “no” sentences. You should keep everything positive – avoid anything negative. Even when you are advertising a money back guarantee, you should attempt to use language that is more positive. An example of this would be using a sentence such as, “While you will experience complete satisfaction, we now offer a money back guarantee because you are a valued customer.”

“Our Happy Employees…”

It is essential that you avoid any type of text that is labeling your employees as being content or hard working. Even though you may have the most industrious employees that could not be happier with their jobs, your workers are not some of Santa’s elves. When you use them as a tool for your business, it is dehumanizing and your clients will be able to pick up on that.

“We are Better than the Competition”

Even though you need to identify that you are, in fact, the very best in your industry, you should not name any other specific company or their products. There is no one who will like negative gossip or if you are constantly bashing your main competition. Chances are this will just come off as annoying to your potential customers. While you can make subtle hints that your rivals are inferior, you should not single out any business, this will be seen as petty.