What Does Complete Oral Care Involve?


Just as taking care of your body is essential in order for you to live a long life, taking care of your teeth is paramount for having a healthy and attractive smile. If your mouth is not properly cared for, you can easily develop a wide range of problems involving the gums, the bone supporting your teeth and the teeth themselves. A provider of complete oral care can help you effectively maintain your dental health.

Complete Oral Care


A quality dental office can design a customized wellness program for you when you first visit the dentist. The staff will complete a comprehensive oral examination to evaluate your oral conditions and diagnose any problems. Then, the dentist will offer a treatment plan that will enable your mouth to be restored to ideal health. You will also receive ongoing treatment to maintain your mouth in proper health.

Tooth Decay

One common problem among dental patients is the presence of tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by food and bacteria. Plaque, a sticky and clear substance, always forms on your gums and teeth after you eat, and the bacteria in this plaque feed on sugars present in the foods you consume. During the feeding process, bacteria make acids, and these acids destroy your tooth enamel – the hard material covering each tooth. Tooth decay can result from not flossing or brushing regularly, eating high-sugar foods and not consuming enough fluoride. Fortunately, dental restorations can help treat tooth decay, commonly known as cavities.

Gum Disease

Another major issue requiring the attention of a high-quality provider of complete oral care is gum disease. Gum inflammation, known as gingivitis, typically precedes gum disease, known as periodontists. Gingivitis occurs when bacterial plaque makes your gums inflamed, causing them to bleed easily when you brush your teeth. When gingivitis is not addressed, your gum’s inner layer can begin to pull away from your teeth, forming pockets that an easily trap food and become infected. This is periodontists. Look for a reputable dentist that offers a full range of periodontal services, such as deep cleanings as well as non-surgical and surgical treatments, to treat this problem and keep your mouth healthy for the long term.

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